Law firm in Paris : What documents must I provide the notary with when I sell my flat?

What documents must I provide the notary with when I sell my flat?


- the deed of ownership

- a copy of the identity card or of the passport of each vendor

- a copy of the condominium rules and regulations and of all amendments thereto

- the minutes of the general meeting of condominium owners for the last three years

- a copy of the last four calls for condominium fees

- a document called ‘dated pre-statement’ (pré-état daté) to be filled in by the property management firm, for which you will be billed (model provided by the notary)

- asbestos diagnosis in the communal parts and, where applicable, all other technical diagnoses carried out in the communal parts

- a copy of the last property tax notice in your possession

- the Carrez law certificate of surface area

- the compulsory technical diagnoses: asbestos, lead, energy performance, statement of natural and technological hazards, electrical diagnosis (unless the electrical installation has been entirely redone in less than fifteen years and you are able to provide proof thereof with bills), gas (if there exists an installation for heating or for the production of hot water using gas and it is less than fifteen years old) as well as, for most departments, notably Paris, a report on parasites

- if the property is leased or might have been leased: a copy of the lease and of the letter of notice for the lessee to vacate

- all information or documents relating to the flat and to be brought to the buyer’s attention under the duty of loyalty: work carried out in the flat, defects, disputes, etc.