Law firm in Paris : How can we assist you in buying or selling your property in France ?

How can we assist you in buying or selling your property in France ?

Alexandra ETASSE, in charge of the law firm's International Department, is a certified specialist of Private International Law

Her dual training and professional experience, both in France and abroad, enables her to assist international clients, border residents, or clients residing outside of France, for the purchase, financing and estate planning. mortgages or financing, and any other subjects pertaining to legal and taxation aspects as regards real estate ownership.

She also helps her clients find the most suitable way in which to acquire property in France and structure the financing and purchase of real estate in France.

She mainly handles international cases, in particular for English-speaking clients or any other international clients, for the acquisition and sale of property in France, cross-border financing, loans carried out by foreign citizens, and any other issues pertaining to the legal and fiscal aspects of real estate.

For all matters fitting into an international context and real estate transactions, or financing plans, the International Department of ETASSE et Associés law firm assists and advises its clients whether they be foreign, non-residents, border residents and expatriates or French people residing abroad.

The International Department of ETASSE et Associes will assist you in any purchase or sale in France with an international aspect, be it that you are foreigners without a command of French, or French nationals abroad, or even in a cross-border situation.

The International Department of ETASSE et Associes will take charge of drafting the compromis de vente (sales commitment) or promesse de vente (sales undertaking) and the final deed of sale while providing you with expert advice on Private International Law. We will give you guidance throughout your project so that it can be achieved with the greatest possible success.

As soon as we receive the documents pertaining to your file, the International Department of ETASSE et Associes will carry out a comprehensive study in order to discuss with you all the questions that concern you regarding taxation (e.g.: advice on the ISF wealth tax and international taxation), real estate capital gains for non-residents, notary's fees, setting up financing in an international context, deciding on your matrimonial regime, estate planning, protection of the spouse and/or heirs. …

Naturally, all the legal particularities occurring in your case will be analysed as will the specificities relating to any international considerations.

The objective of Alexandra Etasse and of the International Department of ETASSE et Associes is to answer your questions, assist you in your purchase or sale project and to ensure complete legal certainty.